We take pride in working efficiently to deliver the most effective, sustainable social change. Our approach is:

Influencer focused

Recognising the complex way in which change happens, we seek to identify and specifically target approaches to engage the key influencers and decision makers. Whether the political elite or the voting public, we apply audience identification and segmentation approaches understand who has the power to create change and then use targeted messaging and tactics to appropriately engage them.

Theory-to-practice led

Building on robust theories of change and methodological approaches, we pride ourselves on delivering work that is practical to client needs. We recognise that best-practice theoretical approaches are not always possible to immediately implement due to organisational limitations. Therefore we focus on adapting theory into approaches that can be practically implemented, whilst advising on ways to strengthen practice over time.

Learning oriented

We are committed to improving the effectiveness of social change organisations. Continuous ‘real-time’ learning is embedded into our approach to ensure the most efficient and effective use of campaigning resources. We will always provide pro-bono evidence-based advice and recommendations for future program improvements upon project completion.


Social change requires partnership. We recognise the strength of a collaborative approach that draws on appropriate expertise to address unique and nuanced problems. We encourage open and transparent partnerships to achieve the greatest impact. This includes ensuring the needs and voices of stakeholders are held front and centre throughout all our work.