Influence Global exists to influence lasting social change. Whether internal process and behavioural change, implementing strategies and policies, shifting social norms, building movements, lobbying and advocating, or measuring the effectiveness of your actions - you need influence.

We specialise in:

Strategy & theory of change development

Change doesn't happen overnight. But with robust theory of change development it is possible to know how long it will take you to get there.

Our experience in strategy and theory of change development can help you set realistic goals and activity plans that are reflective of the business' requirements and resources - and most critically are aligned with your corporate strategy and vision.

Whatever the problem you are trying to solve - whether internal or external - our expertise in analysing problems and identifying solutions and target stakeholders will ensure you are implementing an achievable, efficient and effective strategy. Find out how.

Advocacy monitoring, measurement and evaluation

Our unique end-to-end design, monitoring, evaluation and learning (DMEL) framework has proven success in providing real-time analytics of organisational influence, and measurable shifts in policies, attitudes and behaviours. We are also experienced in other evaluation techniques including Social Return on Investment (SROI), Most Significant Change technique and Results Based Accountability.

We can work with you to track the progress of your campaigns or lobbying efforts and better understand your trajectory towards change. Get in touch to find out how.

Communications & social marketing

Targeted communications are the critical difference between success and set-backs for your organisation. We understand that influence and engagement requires a conversation with your target audience.

We draw on communications and marketing methodologies to identify and understand your target audience. With attitudinal segmentation and behavioural profiling techniques, we discern the best communication channels and messages to engage, persuade and motivate action.

Whether you need to reach a targeted elite or the mass public, our measured approach enables you to do so efficiently, at reduced time and cost. Contact us about a tailored service for your needs. 

Branding & visual identity

A strong brand strategy and visual identity plays a critical role in shaping stakeholder perceptions and building an organisation’s reputation. We listen to stakeholder experiences and understand the unique value of your organisation, in order to develop a strong brand and visual identity that accurately communicates who you are and what you do.

Whether renaming or simply refreshing, we can help you build a brand that has maximum impact.

Active citizenship & movement building

Movements are built and developed. They don't just happen. Pivotal moments of change in social and cultural history are commonly accompanied by strong social movements, who have been tirelessly raising awareness, creating conversations and shifting public consciousness on issues of inequality and injustice.

Whether grassroots organising like the rise of the Arab Spring and the Occupy movement, or through digital and social media #BlackLivesMatter and #LetThemStay social movements remain a critical way of influencing change.*

Talk to us about how we can together build a movement of passionate and active supporters for your cause.

Public policy & political affairs

Understanding the policy and political landscape is essential to influencing any external-facing social change programs. 

With policy development, research, political lobbying and engagement, and network and coalition building expertise, Influence Global's advisory services will build your presence and influence.

Tell us about the sector or issue focus and we will engage our extensive network of political advocates, governmental relations specialists and issue-based experts to ensure a bespoke service that meets your precise needs.

Responsible business

We work alongside companies to overcome the challenges they face when trying to shift to more responsible business practices. We understand where misalignment can occur between executive teams, shareholders, consumer and community views and have extensive experience in overcoming these.

Tell us about your challenges in international social license to operate, achieving ethical supply chains  and ethical certification, corporate social responsibility, human rights policy and practice, labour standards, environmental, social and governance (ESG) policy and practice, and we will work with you to build achievable and measurable change outcomes.

Can't find what you are looking for? Contact us to discuss your needs. All our work is uniquely built around our client's needs and if we cannot help you directly we would happily direct you to our network of expert advisers.

* Influence Global does not condone any form of violence. We firmly believe that sustainable social change requires non-violent negotiation and that this should be reflected in all forms of lobbying, campaigning and protest.